Lysa Doer and Alexandre Fichaux

In 2016, under the name LYSALEX, Alexandre and Lysa started their valuation and marketing activities, but also exploitation for the sport.

Along with her business activities, Lysa rides horses managed by Christian Hermon in competition, in particular for the famous Mexican stud, La Silla.

After nearly 10 years of professional experience in the banking sector, Alexandre FICHAUX has been 100% involved in the development of horse-related activities since 2015.

Quelques cracks sélectionnés et valorisés : 

VALENTINO DU SOLEIL (ranked in CSI 4* in the United States under the saddle of Ali Leopold Moreno). REBEL DE VIZY, (ranked in GP3* in the United States).

Adresse : Ecurie LYSALEX, 6 bis route de Rouen, 14670 Saint Samson