Grégory Wathelet

Key figure in the equestrian world, Gregory has often ranked within the world's Top 30 through the past 10 years. European Champion in team, winner of the legendary Grand Prix of the CHI of Aachen, team medal winner at the last Olympic Games in Tokyo, he is also a great young horse trainer. Since 2012 when he started business on its own, he’s been selecting and bringing out the best of tomorrow's top horses.


Quelques cracks sélectionnés et valorisés : 

Cortes C (Vainqueur en 5* avec Beezie Madden), Conrad de Hus (Gagnant en 5* et Coupe des Nations), Lantinus (Jeux Mondiaux avec Denis Lynch

Adresse : 14, Rue de l'Abattoir 4560 Clavier, Belgique

Site internet :