Rhône-alpes - Suisse

Charlotte and Mark McAuley

Both successful in World Cup GP and Nations Cup (Charlotte for Sweden and Mark for Ireland), Charlotte and Mark are true top level professionals. Along with scouting future talents, working and their sporting performance, they travel all over Europe and the world to continue this beautiful sporting and family adventure.

Breeders (La Tuilière), high level riders, active in scouting and marketing, Charlotte and Mark are engaged and competent in the entire equestrian sector.

Quelques cracks sélectionnés et valorisés : 

Miebello (Winner in GP5* and World Cup), Vivaldi du Theil (Winner in GP 5*, now under American colours), Romane du Theil (Performer in GP5*, now also under American colours).

Adresse : La Tuilière, 74580 Viry - France

Site internet : http://www.latuilierecompetition.com