Brianne Goutal-Marteau and Romain Marteau

Brianne is a brilliant rider who has won numerous international 5* GPs and participated in two World Cup finals. She is also known for her coaching skills. Between New York, Florida and Europe, she devotes her energy to sporting performance and the success of her equestrian business, which she runs with her husband Romain. Very active in the search of future top horses, Romain travels daily to find the best horses that meet the demanding criteria of American clients.

The Goutal-Marteau family has also been active in breeding for many years, notably at the Perreau family's Aiguilly stud.

Recognised worldwide for their sporting performances, Brianne and Romain are unanimously acclaimed for their professionalism and seriousness, qualities that are essential within the EXTRA network.

Quelques cracks sélectionnés et valorisés : 

Nice de Prissey (Nombreuses victoires en GP5* et Coupes des Nations), Onira (Finale Coupe du Monde et GP 5*), Ballade Van Het Indihof (Finale Coupe du Monde et GP 5*), Maestro St Lois (vendu à un Cavalier Brésilien , Jeux Olympiques de Londres).

Brianne Goutal-Marteau

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